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Do powder brows fade? How do I prevent this?

Unlike traditional tattooed brows, this procedure is not permanent due to the fact that the pigment is not inserted deep into the skin. It is semi-permanent which means that color will fade over time.

Depending on skin type, they can last up to three years. Regular touch-ups are recommended to help maintain the pristine look of your brows.

What can affect healing?

There are several factors that may affect the speed and pace of the healing process. This includes, but not limited to, skin type, age, and lifestyle.

  • Smoking

  • Physical Activity/Sweating

  • Exposure to sunlight (avoid direct exposure to the sun)

During the healing process:

  • DO:

    • Sleep on your back

    • Keep brows clean, keep hair and hands off them

    • Wash regularly (morning and night as needed) with gentle soap

    • Apply thin layer of healing ointment as it's healing (discontinue when healed or not needed for moisture)

  • DON'T:

    • Touch or peel scab

    • Sleep on your side or face

    • Take long hot, steamy showers

    • Go swimming

    • Expose them to the sun

    • Workout or sweat profusely 

    • Use aftercare ointment excessively- skin needs to breathe to heal. Less is more!

How do I treat my brows once the healing period is over?

Once the healing period is over and your ombré powder brows have taken on their final look, you can relax and resume your day-to-day routine.

To maintain the brows, book regular annual touch-ups and always protect them from the sun. Avoid using face products that contains retinol, glycolic or lactic acids to avoid brows from quickly fading. 

When can I start wearing makeup?

Avoid wearing makeup during the healing process. During this time, the brow area is sensitive and prone to infections due to the open wounds. Therefore, avoid applying makeup close to the treated area.

You may continue your normal routine after the healing period.

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