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The teeth whitening service is a 60 minute session with an average shade improvement of 5-14 shades. Keep in mind that individual results vary based on current teeth shade & composition of teeth.

All products used are natural. The LED light activated whitening gel is made from food grade hydrogen peroxide causing very little to no sensitivity. 

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Eat before appointment as you will only be able to have

water for two hours after, no other food or drinks. 

Brushing immediately before appointment is not required.

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Avoid hot & cold foods and drinks for 24 hours as you may be prone to

sensitivity due to open pores in teeth. 

For brightest results, refrain from eating staining foods for

24 hours while pores close up. Eat a "white diet" such as chicken, rice, and eggs.

To prolong effects of treatment, drink staining beverages through

a straw to minimize contact with front teeth. 

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